Sad Lovers and Giants Seven Kinds of Sin Black T-Shirt

PRODUCT: Sad Lovers and Giants Seven Kinds of Sin Black T-Shirt
COLOR: Black

Sad Lovers and Giants Seven Kinds of Sin Black T-Shirt. High quality designed graphic T-Shirt of this 80s post punk band. Sad Lovers & Giants Black T-Shirt. Limited edition T-Shirt design. 100 copies only!

We’ve redrawn the Dürer picture of the original Sad Lovers front cover art and his usual typography, moreover, as background, we’ve added the texts of “Seven Kinds of Sin” back cover.

Limited edition 25 handnumbered copies only!


Sad Lovers & Giants are a rock band from Watford, England which formed in 1980. Their sound blends post-punk, atmospheric keyboards and psychedelia.

The original lineup included vocalist Garçe (Simon) Allard, guitarist Tristan Garel-Funk, bassist Cliff Silver, drummer Nigel Pollard and keyboardist/saxophonist David Wood.

Following their debut EP Clé and the "Colourless Dream" single, both issued in 1981, they released their debut studio album, Epic Garden Music in 1982. It reached No. 21 in the UK Independent Albums Chart.

During this initial period they recorded a John Peel Session for the BBC, and a live concert for Radio Netherlands Worldwide in 1983 (later released as the album Total Sound in 1986).

Live performances included headline dates at UK colleges and clubs with occasional trips to Europe, although they did support the Sound at a major London venue on the day Epic Garden Music entered the charts. The singles "Lost in a Moment" (1982) and "Man of Straw" (1983) both made the UK Independent Singles Chart, reaching No. 48 and No. 31, respectively.

European interest in the band grew, and with the 1983 release of second album Feeding the Flame , they toured Germany and the Netherlands, gaining a dedicated fanbase. Tensions within the band caused a split, with Garel-Funk and Pollard leaving to form the Snake Corps.