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t-shirts for men and women in limited edition.

Green Slime features exclusive and cheap tees for men and women in limited edition of 25 units worldwide.

Our products are premium quality T-Shirts with exclusive design. We pick the perfect t-shirt blank for you. We choose the best brands in order to best fit our clients.

Green Slime is focused in Vintage 60s Pop Culture, 80s Indie Pop and Obscure Cinema. Our passion for t-shirts is deep rooted in our artistic culture that we live everyday to stay true to our independent brand lifestyle.

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Green Slime Shop. Trademark of quality

Trademark of quality

We use Stanley Stella T-shirts, this brand uses organic textile materials that promote sustainability and ecology as a company philosophy, with a premium quality finish.

Stanley/Stella never uses conventional cotton. Most of their garments are made entirely of organic cotton.
 The level of finish is very finished, quickly differentiating it from other brands that give a feeling of an “advertising” garment.