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Do you want our out of stock t-shirts?

If you’ve only recently met us and have run out of some of the older t-shirts, don’t worry, there’s still a chance.
One of the philosophies of Green Slime Shop is to make very limited editions of our t-shirts for several reasons such as exclusivity, we try to make most of our designs original and not to be seen elsewhere and we want your purchases to have that added value. On the other hand we want our t-shirt collection to be changeable and we want the older t-shirts to disappear and new ones to come out.
It is also true that we have received many emails asking us to put the out-of-stock t-shirts back on sale, but we are not going to do that because it is part of the Green Slime Shop philosophy.
What is Join Our Club?
It is the option that we give to our current or future customers to be able to buy the t-shirts that are out of stock, for this we only ask for two requirements:


Subscribe to our newsletter. Don’t worry, we do three a year
at the most, we’re not a pain in the ass.


Have already bought at Green Slime Shop.

With these simple requirements you are already in our Club and you won’t have to worry if a t-shirt disappears from our shop. Just contact us via email and request the T-shirt you want. We will give you the instructions to follow.

Join us!