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Slickee Boys T-Shirt

US Tour 1983

PRODUCT: Slickee Boys 1983 US Tour
A3 (Front) / A4 (Back)

COLOURS: White / Spectra Yellow
T-SHIRT MODEL: Stanley / Stella Rocker (Man) Stanley/Stella Jazzer (Woman)
PRICE: 32€

Slickee Boys Tour 1983 . Double sided. High quality designed T-Shirt.

Limited edition 25 handnumbered copies only!

Slickee Boys are a band from the Washington DC area who emerged in the punk tidal wave although they were stylistically far removed from them as their main source of inspiration was the garage and psychedelic bands of the 60s which the Slickee Boys subjected to their own personal mutation. It can be said that the Slickee Boys had two stages, the first with Martha Hull and the second and better known with Mark Noone as vocalist, which would be the most recognisable line-up of the band and with which they recorded the LP that concerns us, The Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi.

On this marvellous and infectious album, suitable for looping, Slickee Boys released some of their best-known tracks such as the brutal Life of the Party, When I Go to the Beach, both with hilarious videos where we can see the Slickee Boys in their prime and with their bizarre costumes. Also on this album they added their own grain of sand to their devotion to the 60s with a killer version of Invisible People by Hamilton Streetcar and Pictures Of Matchstick Men by Status Quo in their psychedelic phase. It is worth mentioning that the Slickee Boys, thanks above all to their guitarist Kim Kane, were champions of an image based on Japanese manga and anime, very rare at the time they did it, for which they were clear forerunners in this facet.