Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians Tshirt

T-SHIRT MODEL: Stanley / Stella Rocker (Man/Unisex) Sol’s Regent (Woman)

Green Slime Shop presents in two colours, white or black t-shirt, a t-shirt dedicated to one of the most interesting UK composers of the last decades, Robyn Hitchcock. First with The Soft Boys, then with The Egyptians (who were basically members of The Soft Boys) and solo Robyn Hitchcock has given popular music fans one of the most prolific and creative careers.
At Green Slime Shop, as we are people who are driven by impractical ideals such as nostalgia, we have focused on the time when we discovered this great artist, which was around 85-86, with “Elements of Light”, one of the great albums of the 80s, absolutely delicious and without any waste whatsoever. As our favourite period of this artist we have a predilection for his entire period with The Egyptians and more specifically from Fegmania! (1985) to Perpex Island (1991).

Limited edition 25 handnumbered copies only!

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The Sorrows were an English band formed in Coventry in 1963. They performed regularly in English mod clubs and are considered to be one of the leading bands of the mod movement in the 1960s. The Sorrows shared a label, Pye Records, with other similar bands such as The Primitives and The Riot Squad and released a series of great singles that did not achieve the success they deserved. In 1965 they had their biggest hit with "Take a Heart" which reached number 21 in the charts, but soon their singer Don Fardon left the group to pursue a solo career. The band continued with mixed success until the late 60s transforming their sound from early beat, freakbeat and finally a brief psychedelic phase doing their own compositions and covers of Family or Traffic.