Bauhaus UK Tour 1982


UK Tour 1982

PRODUCT: Bauhaus Uk Tour 1982 tshirt
A3 (Front) / A4 (Back)

T-SHIRT MODEL: Stanley Stella Rocker (Man) Stanley Stella Jazzer (Woman)
PRICE: 32€

Bauhaus Uk Tour 1982 tshirt​. Double sided. High quality fabric tee.

Limited edition 25 handnumbered copies only!

Bauhaus were and still are the definitive band of the darkest post punk and probably the band with the biggest following in the world. Their first singles like “In The Flat Field” or “Bela Lugosi is dead” are cornerstones of this genre characterised by sharp guitars and powerful rhythm sections. Bauhaus also has a skilled line-up that any lover of early eighties music knows by heart because it has never changed: Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins. The album to which this tour refers is their third album from 1982 entitled The Sky’s Gone Out and it was their most experimental album to date, it contains the de rigueur cover, in this case “Third Uncle” by their admired Brian Eno, it also contains tracks that anticipate what would later become Love & Rockets like “Silent Edges”, typical Bauhaus sound like “In the night” or industrial experiments in “Swim the Heartache” without forgetting beautiful neo-psychedelic tracks like “Spirit” or the magnificent “All we ever wanted was everything”.

At this time Bauhaus were quite famous and it is not difficult to find videos and concerts of their performances from this period when the band was at its peak. We have chosen in this case to make a reproduction of the t-shirt that was sold on the 1982 English tour as always respecting typographies and images to make a faithful reproduction of the t-shirt that improves in reproduction and quality of fabric to the original one. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.