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T-SHIRT MODEL: Stanley / Stella Rocker (Man) Stanley / Stella Jazzer (Woman)

Slade were not just a teenage glam pop band, during their early years they were a powerful rock and roll machine that made between 1969 and 1972 three great rock and roll albums with high doses of melody and immediate anthems. Their third album, Alive!, is the culmination of their first stage and one of the best live albums in history. Slade, together with other groups of the time such as Hollywood Brats, T.Rex, Bowie with the Spiders from Mars, etc. were the food that thousands of young people fed on so that from 1976 onwards they took to the streets to follow their work.

For this T-shirt we have used graphic and typographic elements from the album Alive! as well as typographies from advertisements of the time.

Limited edition 25 handnumbered copies only!

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"Slade Alive!" is a live album by the British rock band Slade, released in March 1972. The album captured the band's live performance at the Command Theatre in London and showcased their incredible stage presence and the dynamic chemistry between the band members. "Slade Alive!" featured electrifying renditions of their popular songs, such as "Get Down and Get With It" and "Darling Be Home Soon," along with a medley of rock 'n' roll classics. The album was notable for its exuberant audience participation and the enthusiastic crowd's chants and sing-alongs.

The importance of "Slade Alive!" for British rock and punk lies in its influence on the punk rock movement of the late 1970s. Punk rock was characterized by its simplicity, attitude, and rebellion against the perceived excesses of mainstream rock. Slade's live album embodied these elements. Its straightforward, high-energy rock 'n' roll, combined with the band's working-class image and connection with their audience, resonated with the punk ethos.

Punk bands like The Sex Pistols and The Clash cited Slade as an influence on their music and stage performances. Slade's ability to connect with their audience in a live setting and their unapologetic attitude left a lasting impact on the punk rockers who sought to strip down rock 'n' roll to its basics and recapture the DIY (do it yourself) spirit. "Slade Alive!" became a touchstone for punk musicians looking for authenticity and a break from the excesses of progressive rock.