The Beau Brummels Brummelstones T-shirt

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T-SHIRT MODEL: Stanley / Stella Rocker (Man) Stanley / Stella Jazzer (Woman)

The Beau Brummels were notable pioneers of West Coast rock, with their folk-rock sound and early success contributing to the development of the West Coast music scene in the mid-1960s. While their commercial peak was relatively short-lived, their influence on the genre is still recognized today as a significant part of the West Coast rock legacy, their early hits and albums, including “Introducing the Beau Brummels” and “Beau Brummels ’66,” were influential in shaping the sound of the region. The Brummelstones were introduced in Season 4, Episode 19 of The Flintstones, in an episode titled “Shinrock A Go-Go.” In this episode, Fred and Barney decide to start a band with their wives, Wilma and Betty. They call their band “The Brummelstones,” which is a play on words combining “The Flintstones” with the  rock group “The Beau Brummels,” who were extremely popular during that era. The Brummelstones’ appearance in the episode is a humorous parody of the rock and pop music scene of the 1960s. They perform rock ‘n’ roll music, and the episode pokes fun at the culture and trends associated with rock bands of the time.

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The Beau Brummels released their first two albums, "Introducing the Beau Brummels" (1965) and "The Beau Brummels, Volume 2" (1965), both of which were influential in shaping the folk-rock and West Coast rock sound of the 1960s. Introducing the Beau Brummels" was the band's debut album, released in 1965. It featured the original lineup of the band, which included Ron Elliott, Sal Valentino, Ron Meagher, Declan Mulligan, and John Petersen. The album is considered a classic of the folk-rock genre and helped establish The Beau Brummels as pioneers of this style. The album also includes other folk-rock and rock 'n' roll tracks, showcasing their melodic and harmonic approach to music. Following the success of their debut album, the band released their second album later in the same year, this album continued to explore their folk-rock sound and featured more of their trademark harmonies and catchy melodies, tracks like "Just a Little" and "You Tell Me Why" were well-received and contributed to the band's growing reputation.