McCarthy T-Shirt

PRODUCT: That’s all very well but Men Women T-Shirt
COLORS: White or Black
T-SHIRT MODEL: Stanley / Stella Rocker (Man/Unisex) Sol’s Regent (Woman)
PRICE: 23€

High quality designed graphic T-Shirt of this band formed in Barking in 1985. Limited edition T-Shirt design, 25 handnumbered copies only!

We present this T-shirt in two colors: black and white.

Limited edition 25 copies only worldwide!

McCarthy (a reference to American politician Joe McCarthy) is a indie band from Barking (UK), they released a self-financed first single, “In Purgatory” in 1985. The band were signed by the Pink Label, releasing two further singles “Red Sleeping Beauty” and “Frans Hals”. The band had a track included on the NME C86 album (“Celestial City”).

Their debut album I Am a Wallet was released in 1987. Because of Eden’s Marxist political views, the band were frequently brought up with other left-wing acts like Billy Bragg and The Redskins. I Am a Wallet has since been described by Nicky Wire as “the most perfect record, a Communist manifesto with tunes”, and was rated by James Dean Bradfield as his top British album of all time.

Two further singles were issued in early 1988, followed by the album, The Enraged Will Inherit the Earth.

A year later, they released a third album Banking, Violence and the Inner Life Today, with Lætitia Sadier (Gane’s partner at the time) on vocals. Eden stated that there was no need to continue with the band, believing that their creativity peaked with the album.  The band’s final show was at the London School of Economics in 1990.

After their disbandment, Gane and Sadier immediately formed Stereolab, while Eden formed the short-lived Herzfeld. Baker went on to a career in radiography, before going on to work for The Guardian. Williamson went on to work for music publisher BMG and Domino Records.