Jesus Mary Chain North American Tour 1990

The Jesus R Mary Chain

US Tour 1990

PRODUCT: The Jesus & Mary Chain US Tour 1990 tshirt
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T-SHIRT MODEL: Stanley Stella Rocker (Man) Stanley Stella Jazzer (Woman)
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The Jesus & Mary Chain US Tour 1990 tshirt​. Double sided. High quality fabric tee.

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The album “Automatic” is the third studio album by the Scottish alternative rock band The Jesus and Mary Chain, released on 9 October 1989. It marked a departure from the band’s earlier, more abrasive sound and incorporated elements of pop and dance music. “Automatic” is often regarded as a significant milestone in the band’s discography and is considered one of their most accessible and influential records.

Following the release of “Automatic,” The Jesus and Mary Chain embarked on a tour to promote the album. The US tour took place in 1989-1990 and included numerous dates across North America. The band’s live performances during this period were known for their energetic and confrontational style, with the Reid brothers, Jim and William, often displaying a cool and detached stage presence.

The tour featured a mix of songs from “Automatic” as well as material from their previous albums. The band’s signature wall of feedback and distortion remained a prominent feature in their live shows, creating a raw and intense atmosphere. The Jesus and Mary Chain’s US tour helped solidify their reputation as a captivating live act and contributed to their growing popularity during the late 1980s.

Overall, “Automatic” and the subsequent tour played a crucial role in shaping The Jesus and Mary Chain’s sound and establishing them as influential figures in the alternative rock and shoegaze genres. The album’s fusion of pop sensibilities with noise and feedback has continued to inspire and influence subsequent generations of musicians.