Echo & the Bunnymen tour tshirt

Echo & The Bunnymen T-Shirt

US Tour 1986

PRODUCT: Echo & the Bunnymen US Tour 1986
A3 (Front) / A4 (Back)

T-SHIRT MODEL: Stanley / Stella Rocker (Man/Unisex) Sol’s Regent (Woman)
PRICE: 32€

Echo & the Bunnymen US Tour 1986 T-Shirt​ . Double sided. High quality designed T-Shirt.

Limited edition 25 handnumbered copies only!

Echo & the Bunnymen in their first incarnation until the death of their drummer Pete de Freitas in 1989 were one of the most important bands in English pop music in the 1980s. They were pioneers in mixing ingredients from the music of the 60s and translating it into the sound of the 80s, something that independent bands pigeonholed in the c86 sound would do a few years later. Their albums from Crocodiles (1980) to Echo & the Bunnymen (1987) are an essential part of the most interesting sound of the 80s and although they keep releasing interesting albums, their classic period is really unbeatable.

That’s why Green Slime Shop, as fans of the band since the 80s have found in this reproduction (with small improvements) of their 1986 US and Canada tour t-shirt an excuse to put on a band t-shirt and offer the remaining 25 to any fan who wants to have a souvenir of this wonderful band.