Beat Happening Jamboree

Beat Happening T-Shirt

PRODUCT: Beat Happening Jamboree Men Women T-Shirt
COLORS: White, Black or Pink
T-SHIRT MODEL: Stanley / Stella Rocker (Man/Unisex) Sol’s Regent (Woman)
PRICE: 23€

High quality designed graphic T-Shirt of this band formed in Washington in 1982. Limited edition T-Shirt design, 25 handnumbered copies only!

We’ve used the original typographies which were used in his 1988 album Jamboree. We present this T-shirt in three colors: black, white and pink

Limited edition 25 copies only worldwide!

Beat Happening is an American indie pop band formed in Olympia, Washington in 1982

Jamboree is the second album by American indie rock band Beat Happening, released in 1988 through K Records and Rough Trade Records.

The album marks a darker approach to the twee pop for which the band is known, due largely to a thicker production than is present on the group’s earlier recordings and the dominance of tracks written by Calvin Johnson, while Heather Lewis only provides vocals on two songs, the uncharacteristically brash “In Between” and the more typically understated “Ask Me.”

At the time of the album’s release, Johnson described Jamborees sound as “dark and sexy.” Still, the band retained their emphasis on exuberance over musicianship, as Bret Lunsford stated in an interview that, while recording album opener “Bewitched,” his guitar string got stuck on a protruding screw and he continued to play through the song, hitting the string a bit harder until it became unstuck.